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Hello everyone!

We, Kierstin and Matt Pierce are very excited to share with all of you the amazing benefits that we have been receiving from our pure and natural body scrubs!

Kierstin has dry skin which is brought on by an auto immune disease she has called, Sjogrens syndrome. On top of that we live in Utah which is a very dry climate making her need for skin hydration that much more necessary. Now that we have created Refined Benefit we are finding amazing natural ingredients that have dramatically improved the quality of our skin.

We have put a lot of time, love, and energy into making every one of our products. We want to share with you vibrant, healthy, and radiant skin. Our scrubs can also help to keep your skin looking younger, longer.

Each aroma is handmade in small batches – This insures the freshest and purest products every time. Parabens are harmful and alcohol dries the skin – This is why we never include them in any of our products. We also use only the purest, high quality, natural ingredients in our products, we recommend enjoying them within six months.

Animals have feelings too… so our policy is to only test our products on humans that we know and love!

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